Merry Migraines published in Please See Me

My creative nonfiction piece Merry Migraines was published December 31, 2022 in Please See Me Issue 12: Diagnosis. This is a deeply personal story and, like any story, I hope in telling it, it may resonate with at least one reader. As a writer, that is all I can ask and hope for. This one is for anyone who has experienced invisible illness, whether it is a migraine or not, anyone who wasn't believed, anyone who had to battle a broken healthcare system, who felt powerless in pain and alone— You are not alone.

Please See Me is full of deep, moving, powerful stories. Stories that need to be told, and read, and shared, so we can understand, learn, and empathize with others. I'm grateful there is such a place to share and read these stories and I thank the publication team for their work. I hope, in reading their work, you might find something that touches you deeply or opens your eyes to an experience you never knew yourself firsthand.